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Grids used in NNPDF3.0:

The following applgrids were computed and used for the NNPDF3.0 global PDF fit. If you use these grids in your own scientific work, please cite the NNPDF3.0 paper

R. D. Ball et al. [The NNPDF Collaboration], Parton distributions for the LHC Run II, arXiv:1410.8849 [hep-ph]

as well as the original APPLgrid publication:

T. Carli, D. Clements, A. Cooper-Sarkar, C. Gwenlan, G. P. Salam, F. Siegert, P. Starovoitov and M. Sutton, A posteriori inclusion of parton density functions in NLO QCD final-state calculations at hadron colliders: The APPLGRID Project, Eur. Phys. J. C 66, 503 (2010), arXiv:0911.2985 [hep-ph]

and MCFM (references).

Experiment APPLgrid Ref.
ATLASZHIGHMASS49FB download arXiv:1305.4192
CMSDY211 bin1, bin2, bin3, bin4, bin5, bin6 arXiv:1310.7291
ATLASWPT31PB W-, W-total, W+, W+total arXiv:1108.6308
LHCBW36PB W-, W+ arXiv:1204.1620
LHCBZ940PB Z -> e+ e- arXiv:1212.4620
TTBARTOT 7 TeV, 8 TeV arXiv:1202.4892,arXiv:1312.7582
ATLASWZRAP36PB W-, W+, Z arXiv:1109.5141